The key digital marketing trends to prepare for in 2022

Digital marketing trends are getting more complicated each year. In addition to the fundamentals like PPC, SEO and branding, they have to juggle emerging social channels with evolving regulations. 

Following are some of the key digital marketing trends to prepare for in 2022-

  1. The metaverse

Metaverse refers to virtual world of augmented reality, 3D holographic avatars and virtual reality. It is a persistent environment where many people work, socialize and play. Metaverse is generating buzz lately, and it has the potential to offer an entirely new set of performance metrics. By using the metaverse, marketers can experiment with long virtual objects and see how much space these objects take up in the user’s peripheral vision.  

  1. Non-fungible tokens.

Non-fungible tokens are an aspect of block chain technology. The word non-fungible means that it cannot be exchanged for something of equal value as it doesn’t have any equals. NFTs are the digital version of non-fungibles and are uniquely created by the digital assets such as animation, GIFs, audio, video and graphic design.

  1. Crypto currency.

Crypto currencies are driving massive changes about the biggest processors like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa. 

  1. Supply chain buffering.

Many headlines continue to blare about the supply chain bottlenecks and their negative impacts on the customer experience.  

  1. Create your video series.

According to a recent survey, 60% of businesses implement video marketing strategies. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as videos have been a huge part of the marketing industry for a long time.

You should be very creative when it comes to creating videos. One significant way to stand out is by creating a video series. You should find out what video content resonates with your audience the most. You should make an entire series if you notice what they tend to like and share. You should post regularly so that your audience knows when they can look forward to new content. 

  1. Work with micro-influencers on social media.

It is a known fact that working with a considerable influencer can be very expensive. According to a survey, 89% of marketers say their influencer marketing ROI is better than other channels. You can also consider partnering with micro-influencers if you have a limited budget. These are the ones which have a few thousand followers, but at the same time, they also have a close-knit audience. These creators typically respond and engage with their audience much better than those with a more extensive audience base. 

  1. Join online forums.

We all know that like-minded people ask questions on online forums. You can quickly join the communities such as Quora or Reddit and look for questions which are related to your niche. You should also work on answering these posts by supporting your claims with accurate and relevant data.

Answering questions and engaging with different kinds of people on the forums can help increase brand awareness to a great extent. The leads can also see that you have expertise in a particular area they are particularly interested in. This will make them curious, and they will consider following your brand.

Many people avail of the services of SEO Perth, which provides different types of SEO services to its customers.

  1. Consider SMS Marketing.

Many people think that SMS marketing is now a thing of the past. However, this is not true, as the data tells a different story. Following are the ways to collect mobile numbers which you can choose for SMS marketing-

  • Give people an option to sign up for your website.
  • Offer your target audience a discount.
  • Create different contests or giveaways and ask for their contact details, including their phone numbers.
  • Use email marketing and encourage them to subscribe to your SMS campaigns.
  • Include your company number in the business cards and the advertisements.

             You should send out only a few messages and spam them. This way, they will get frustrated!  

  1. Do not forget to give back to the community.

You should try getting acquainted with the community as it gives you a fair chance to get to know them better. It also gives you ample opportunities to engage with the people in your locality. It helps you create a strong bond with the potential leads.

  1. Directly communicate with your customers.

One of the strongest marketing strategies is personalization. The more customized your messages are, the more the target audience will feel special and heard. Many kinds of simple gestures, such as addressing your customers with a first name or sending them content which would be of their interests can be a huge thing.

You should see to it that you answer the audience’s questions on all kinds of platforms. Engage with them in a timely manner so that they know you are listening to them.

  1. Focus on solving your clients’ pain points.

Solving the problems of your customers will help bring them closer to the brand. It can also build trust between the clients and the organization. This trust strengthens even more when they know that you are ready to reply to the comments and suggestions. 

You should set up a new team altogether for managing your social media and blog comments. Look out for emails asking relevant questions about the brand. The faster you reply to all these people, the more they will be impressed with the customer support skills.

  1. Make inbound strategies your focal point.

Many companies focus on outbound rather than inbound strategies. The outbound strategies can help with brand awareness while the inbound marketing strategies can also be a better practice as you are paying keen attention to the people who are already interested in the services you are providing.

You should learn to strike a very good balance between the two as it helps you leverage your marketing efforts.

Inbound marketing is a lot less disruptive and invasive. It depends on strategies such as SEO and content creation to make it cost-effective. It helps raise brand recognition. It also helps you get more leads and higher traffic.


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