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dubai visa uk

If anytime looking for a holiday package in Dubai, so Dubai is the best choice of all time. There’s a lot of unique and amazing things to cherish in all-weather types. You can have fun at both indoor as well outdoor activities in Dubai. Seems like every time is the best time to visit Dubai. From shopping to cuisine, camel rides to hot air balloon rides, world’s biggest indoor theme park to best roller coaster experience this city can amaze anyone. Anyone if travelling with their partner, or with the family can have the best memory and time in the city. 

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Also, this city is the hub of amazing diamonds collections at surprising rates. The quality with these rates is nowhere else found. After the great shopping and the adventurous rides you can witness the amazing sunset view with your partner from any luxurious hotel of Dubai. Book your tickets and travel packages and apply for Dubai tourist visa to experience the best vacation ever. 

Not to miss places in Dubai and visiting plans- Apply for dubai visa from uk

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  • Burj khalifa- This is the most exciting tourist attraction with the unique and stunning architecture. You will get a lot of hotels options to choose and stay with comfort. You can choose the hotels owned by the Jumeirah group that will be the excellent choice. Enjoy your breakfast and have a great start with the first site seeing of The Burj Khalifa. There will be two iconic structures that is loved by all the tourists are the Burj Khalifa, and the Burj al Arab. 

On the first day take the top tour of Burj Khalifa to get the mesmerizing view from the world’s tallest building which is a hotel, mall, spa, bar, and restaurant all in one. After the morning daytime view of the city from the tallest building; you can move to Burj al Arab in the evening. It is the boat shaped building at the coastline. Not just the amazing structure but also it’s a 7 star hotel that offers the best international cuisine with the great views of the sea. You can’t leave Dubai without checking these two incredible structures. First day will be great to start your Dubai trip by witnessing these architectural beauty. 

  • Dubai Mall day- Again the biggest mall in the world is here in Dubai. The Dubai mall has almost 1200 shops of all the categories brands. Not just shopping brands in the mall but also it has the amazing restaurants, biggest aquariums, and an indoor skiing resort known as ski Dubai. All these at one place in a mall, isn’t it crazy and amazing. 

You can choose any restaurant in the Dubai mall for your breakfast depending on your cuisine taste to start the day 2 of your trip. You can choose Dubai mall fountain to have your day meal as it is also a famous tourist spot. It presents the amazing light and music show every hour. 

After your morning breakfast in the noon you can visit the Dubai aquarium located in the center of the mall. Again ski Dubai is the loving place for all the ski lovers you can have the best slopes experience in the city of desert. If you select the best tour packages it will also include the visit with ski Dubai penguins, which sounds unbelievable in the Middle East. 

At the day end have your dinner and drinks in the Souk (market) at Dubai mall and enjoy the night at classy bars. 

  • The safari desert- Desert safari is the big not to miss place in Dubai especially if you came here for your vacation break. The best time is watching the sunset over the desert and seeing the beautiful rays over sand dunes. As per the Dubai travel tips, have your breakfast then you can move to Safari Desert experience. You can enjoy the camel ridding, belly dancing show and have fun there. Dune bashing will be the fun adventurous experience where you can enjoy sliding around over sandy surfaces. It is a kind of bumpy rides with full safety measures. Enjoy your day ending with the loving belly dancing show at the beach with drinks and dinner. Here the tickets are of about 50 $. 
  • Dubai beach- As we know Dubai is the beach city, so there’s a lot to enjoy at the beach. The nightlife around the beach area is totally fire. You will get to groove in the night clubs and Irish pubs with drinks and modern hookah. You will have your best relaxing night at partying with your travel buddy with amazing lights and music shows. 

Some essential Dubai travel tips- 

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  • When to go- Selecting travel time for Dubai depends on the activity you would like to experience there. All the season type has something special to offer you. If you want to experience the outdoor activities then choose the winter season that is between November to March for all the rides and adventurous. Also if you would like to enjoy the shopping festival then welcome in the summer season and enjoy collecting the big brands at best rates under the fine air conditioned temperature at the mall. 
  • Essentials to pack- Go on with your cotton comfort clothes to roam around the city or enjoying the rides. Also some ethnic pair if you wish to visit some pious places, and don’t forget to pack your beach comfy and partying dresses and essentials. Also don’t forget to take your swim wears. 
  • Documents and Currency- Take your Dubai visa from UK easily in 3-4 working days. Then before travelling make sure you proceed with your travel insurance, passport and other documents. Carry your international driving license if you wish to rent car here. It is better to carry few Dubai currency that is known as Dirhams for the local taxi fares, or food expenses. Also carry your international debit cards and credit cards with you. 
  • No PDAs in Dubai- one most important thing that you should be aware with is that you should be avoiding holding hands and hugs at public places. It is considered against their culture. So it’s better to keep concern about this and avoid getting in the trouble. 

Holiday in Dubai- 

Plan your tour and trips in Dubai according to the above mentioned tips and guidelines. Apply for your Dubai visa from UK without any delay with the easiest process and time. Book the best budget tour packages for Dubai in which you will get the coverage of famous tourist spots, luxurious hotel stay and all the fun loving adventurous activities. 

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