How to pass the ASQ Black Belt Certification Exam for Six Sigma?

Many sectors recognize ASQ Certifications as a symbol of quality excellence. If you are interested in a quality domain and wish to advance your career, pursue these certificates. From increased earning potential to a competitive edge and international recognition, there are many benefits of earning an ASQ certification.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about this certification. So continue reading to know more:


ASQ certifications are widely accepted worldwide to validate your proficiency in using Six Sigma tools. The cyber security certification trains you to create, manage and maintain a successful cybersecurity program.

Numerous businesses and academic institutions provide Six Sigma training programs and issue credentials. However, one that is quite well known is the CSSBB (Certified Six Sigma Black Belt) certificate from the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Earlier, ASQ exams were of the paper-and-pencil variety. However, they have switched to computer-based exams delivered at Prometric test centers.

Difficulties in pursuing ASQ Certifications

Although there are various benefits of the ASQ Six Sigma certifications available (particularly the cyber security certification), most people need help determining the following:

  • How much time to dedicate to preparation?
  • What study material is to be used for preparation?
  • How to organize time while taking a test?

And so forth. However, things become easier if you have the right set of questions in mind. So let’s get started with the fundamental questions.

Is ASQ SSBB Exam Challenging To Crack?

One of the most commonly asked queries by applicants is regarding the toughness of the test, whether easy or difficult to crack. All you need to do is allocate the right amount of time to studying and preparation.

Cost of ASQ SSBB Certification

Generally, the exam fee is $538. However, you can apply for individual ASQ membership to receive a discount on all certifications; this brings down the ASQ SSBB exam fee to $388.

Additionally, passing the exam is considerably simpler. This article will discuss suggestions, techniques, and references to help ensure your success.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Prerequisites

  • Three years of professional work experience in one or more domains of the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge
  • Two finished projects with certified affidavits or one comprehensive project with a signed affidavit

Professional experience is considered a full-time and salaried job. Therefore, the prerequisite of work experience is simply incomparable to any paid internship, co-op, or other education.

In addition to experience, becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt requires creative thinking, knowledge of client requirements and prospects, effective communication, and management skills to deliver measurable financial results for the company.

6 Best Ways to Prepare for SSBB Exam

Here’s a compiled list of the six best ideas to aid your study for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam:

  1. Be Specific

The ASQ exam is challenging. Preparation must be meticulous and focused. Else the chances of failure are quite high.

  1. Establish a Firm Foundation

You can find out precisely what will be on the test from ASQ. So first, examine the body of knowledge for ASQ Black Belts. Then, ensure to comprehend each concept fully.

  1. Brainstorm

Speaking with a friend or colleague about a subject you have studied in-depth is one of the best ways to demonstrate your knowledge. So, indulge in conversations and discussions, and brainstorm alongside your friends.

  1. Read Books

To prepare for the CSSBB exam, you must study from different sources. Besides, the ASQ CSSBB is an open-book exam, so you must get a printed copy.

Books are permitted in the exam by ASQ, but you cannot bring the exam questions with you. Therefore, you have to omit the book’s practice question page.

  1. Practice Sample Exams

Spend only 50% of your preparation on studying the BOK. After that, you must dedicate your time to give as many ASQ black belt practice exams as you can.

The ASQ black belt practice exam helps you understand the depth and extent of your preparation. Therefore, search for a sizable number of exams, practice tests, and questions from many sources.

  1. Join Online Discussion Forums

Due to project management’s extensive and universal applicability, numerous online forums and communities have varying degrees of quality. You can post your questions and doubts on these platforms to have them answered by qualified experts.


The ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certification is widely recognized because the Six Sigma methodologies can significantly help businesses in the future. It has a wide range of techniques for lowering expenses, increasing revenue, streamlining business operations, and enhancing employee buy-in, all of which contribute to better growth and profits.

These benefits make the certification a foundation for building a successful career. Follow the provided tips to pass the exam and open a new door of professional opportunities.

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