No matter where you are, you may study and advance your talents with different online platforms. While they often last less time than other types of professional training, you may learn everything you need to know to succeed in your chosen career. You may choose the finest alternatives available online to increase your skills and keep up with changes in your field that helps you improve your abilities.

 The same is with law studies. You can find a myriad of platforms that can help you throughout your law studies such as commercial law assignment help services offering specialized academic help services. Similarly, you can also find platforms to grow your career as a lawyer as well.


Technology has taken many industries by the storm, where it has proven itself to become a necessity (helpwithdissertation, 2021) for every field of life. The top 11 platforms that can help you to grow your career as a lawyer are given below.

  • CLIO

As a traveling lawyer, you require a cloud-based legal practice management system that enables you to manage your business from anywhere. Using the mobile app for Clio, you may securely access client data from anywhere at any time.

 You can keep track of your time, examine client data, make new issues and connections, and a lot more with Clio. Furthermore, Clio interacts with many of the other legal applications on this list allowing you to manage your whole business from one location.


OneNote is an additional great resource for taking notes for lawyers working in a Microsoft Office environment. Everything you require for your cases is kept in one location just as btec assignment help service does so. OneNote for Android and OneNote for iOS are available for this purpose.  The new version of Microsoft OneNote might be a good way to keep these daily scraps in an organized way (Blumenthal, 2022)


Due to its straightforward design and versatility in capturing notes and recordings in a variety of formats while on the go, Evernote has consistently been a pioneer in the legal sector. It interacts using your cellphone camera in addition to taking, storing and organizing textual notes. 

Almost any surface whether a receipt, a whiteboard, or a piece of paper may be used to take a picture.  It allows you to quickly share via your mobile device after rotating, cropping, and adjusting it to the necessary parameters.

This platform has the additional benefit of eliminating creases in folded papers when scanning them for Clio lawyers. As a frontrunner in the legal sector, it may be used to convert business cards into contacts. Consequently, you will save a lot of time when filling out receipts, sending emails to new contacts, or even when resorting to notes you have made on the spot.


Social media allows people to produce, share, and consume material at an accelerated rate. But lawyers also need access to immediate material for things like research, marketing, competitive analysis, and more. Hence to build a valuable knowledge base, you need a tool that enables you to filter out unimportant information.

You can automate your social media sharing and content monitoring with feedly, ensuring that you never miss a case or a hot subject. It creates streams for your material, tag articles that you want to gather, and distribute them effortlessly on social media and with other accounts.


You will require a cloud data storage solution that enables you to access your data from any location if you are working remotely as a lawyer and utilizing a mobile device. The solution is OneDrive. This program is among the finest for lawyers working in a Microsoft environment since it seamlessly interacts with the Microsoft Office package. Moreover, it safeguards your data, as is the case with the majority of high-quality programs.


The dictaphone, which served as lawyers’ first choice, has witnessed many updates since the advent of the internet. You may use Dictate+Connect to convert your iPad into a dictation device that syncs with a box inside of your Clio account. Simply record them and align them with the evidence you have to grow your career.


Google Drive is another well-like online storage program for lawyers. It provides direct Google Docs functionality, enabling you to update all of your documents from your browser without using any additional software. It is safe, just like the other top legal applications. Thus feel secure knowing that no document. You require for your case will ever be corrupt.


You will probably need to examine and annotate documents if you are operating from your smartphone or not. With the help of iAnnotate, which makes document management even simpler by allowing you to sync documents from various internet sources including Dropbox and Google Drive. Like other excellent legal applications, this one is also incredibly secure.


Even while Zapier is really not exactly an app, it can save mobile lawyers a ton of time. By establishing Zaps between your favorite applications, you may easily automate operations between them.

 For instance, you might choose an Evernote notebook and have each new note instantly saved to a chosen subject in Clio. With Zapier, there are countless possibilities. You can consider it to see if you can automate repeated operations across applications using a Zap if you find yourself spending any time doing so otherwise.


The largest free mobile legal library in the world is called Fastcase. It is a must-have app for lawyers who practice outside of the office. Fastcase and Clio are integrate, enabling users to precisely measure the time devote to legal research. Therefore, it has the possibility. To become indispensable for law firms.


Slack, a very well-liked communication program. Is rapidly being utiliz by legal firms. It is suitable with comparable connectors like Zapier and enables. The automation of taxing legal tasks like legal research. Much as Clio interfaces with a wide range of legal apps and web services.

 You may streamline. Your expensive legal research process. Even when working remotely by putting up an RSS feed that analyzes standards for new citations and creating. A chance for it to be review with case participants and coworkers in a dedicat Slack group.


If you have enrolled yourself in law studies and really want to pursue a successful. Career then you should make use of the technology. To your level best. Here some of the most important platforms. Available online are mention to ease your professional life. as a lawyer and boost your career.

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