Favourite Procedures for Plastic Surgery Around 2023

These treatments continue to be highly sought after and account for the vast majority of cosmetic surgeries carried out each year, despite the fact that preferences in plastic surgery seem to be constantly shifting. Customers will keep seeking out these time-tested favourites as we get ready to enter 2023. Be it boob reduction surgery, forehead reduction, hip lifting, the year is going to witness all of it.  

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Increased breast size 

Breast augmentation represents the most common cosmetic surgery around the world, with numerous procedures being carry out annually. The decision to get this surgery is make by women for a variety of reasons. Breast augmentation is frequently perform for reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy. As well as to rectify either asymmetrical breasts or breast reduction surgery. However, the most frequent justification is still to enlarge the size as well as the volume of the breasts. 

Breast augmentation is indeed a surgery that can be greatly customize. Patients can consult with local plastic surgeons to decide if silicone or even saline is the best alternative for them in addition to choosing the size as well as placement of their implants. By allowing women to customize their bodies, more breast augmentation surgeries will be perform in 2023!

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Including almost 300,000 treatments carry out each year, liposuction is approximately as frequent as breast augmentation. The narrow tube know as a cannula is use in this technique to remove difficult-to-remove fat deposits. The following bodily parts can all be treat with this technique: 

  • The abdomen and the belly 
  • Buttocks 
  • Thighs 
  • higher arms 
  • Back 
  • Hips 

The popularity of Lipo 360, an alternative to conventional liposuction, is rising will do that in 2023 as well. A cosmetic surgeon will surgically remove fat from all areas that are inside the circumference of something like the waist. Along with the upper as well as lower belly, sides, and the back, as oppose to just one specific location. A smoother silhouette plus a more define waistline are the results. 

The Rhinoplasty 

One of most prevalent facial plastic surgery techniques, rhinoplasty. Also known simply “a nose job,” averages about 225,000 operations per year. This surgical contouring of a nose could alter the tissue plus bone as well as lessen the size of even a bigger nose. Rhinoplasty involves reshaping the overall nose to remove lumps, narrow the nostrils. Plus make the tip even smaller and more aesthetically pleasing. 

Numerous people elect to have rhinoplasty surgery in addition to its cosmetic advantages for health reasons. Another of the most common cosmetic surgery treatments in 2023 continues to be something. Like a nose job since it can help individuals breathe more easily, notably while they’re sleeping, and can mend broken noses and deviated septa. 


Blepharoplasty, having 200,000 treatments carry out annually, seems to be the second most common facial surgical procedure, only behind rhinoplasty. Also, Blepharoplasty, sometimes know as “eyelid surgery,” seems to be a procedure use to reduce or eliminate bags under the eyes as well as extra skin and fat from above the eyelid. The outcome is a more young, renew appearance to the face as when the eyes appear larger and even more open. 

Belly tuck 

The belly tuck is yet another body shaping treatment that will continue to be highly popular in 2023, including over 100,000 surgical operations each year. Excess skin out from the abdomen is remove throughout a stomach tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty. But then strain and injured muscles are restore. The ultimate effect is a midsection that is tighter and flatter. 

The majority of patients who get this treatment are women who have recently given birth. Although patients among all genders who’ve already lost a large amount of weight are also becoming more and more popular. As a result, they can get rid of the loose skin as well as damage tissue and feel better about themselves following a successful weight loss journey.

Even the simplest of surgeries such as lip smaller surgery, forehead reduction, eyelid repair surgery, etc can be done easily and are going to be big this coming year.

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