Guest Blogging in 2023: How I Wrote 80+ Guest Posts in 1 Year

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In the event that you just began a blog this year, you’re entering the most cutthroat web search tool scene ever. In the event that guest posting to a blog isn’t a piece of your showcasing system, you’re seriously restricting your development.

It’s not 2008 any longer – you can’t hit page 1 on Google by simply thudding down 500 words on a page or joining some obscure backlink registry. You really want to up your game.

Top caliber, long-structure, media-weighty, and important blog entries with backlinks rank this year. (Hmm, gratitude for making us work harder, Google.)

Furthermore, barring on-page Web optimization, getting superior grade, applicable backlinks from high Space Authority locales are more basic than any other time in recent memory. So how would you get the most great backlinks this year? To test the viability of visitor posting, I carried out a 15-day visitor writing for a blog try.

My goal was simple:

In 15 days, distribute however many visitor posts as would be prudent on high Area Authority destinations to learn four key things:

1. How to master the guest blogging process.

I needed to become familiar with the intricate details of how to actually target persuasive web journals, perform email outreach, pitch points, compose and alter drafts, and get distributed on high DA destinations as fast as could be expected.

2. The impact of a guest blogging strategy on a website’s SEO this year.

When the 15 days end and any articles are distributed, I would utilize Search engine optimization devices to comprehend how successful visitor posting was at expanding Space Authority, Alexa Rank, and driving objective natural traffic.

3. Strategies to scale white hat SEO this year.

Dark cap Search engine optimization techniques have been unpopular for north of 10 years at this point. I needed to find the most effective ways to scale white cap Search engine optimization methods and speed up the obtaining of dependable, definitive connections.

4. If anyone, regardless of experience, can get high-quality backlinks.

In my visitor writing for a blog try, I just designated sites with a Space Authority of 60+, with the normal being 72.5. I needed to demonstrate that any new blogger can acquire these top notch backlinks

Disclaimer: If it’s not too much trouble, note, this article incorporates offshoot joins which might give me a commission at no expense for you. These are just the best internet based positions and the instruments to use to find success. You can peruse my offshoot divulgence in my protection strategy.

My Guest Blogging Experiment: 15 Days, 18,400 Words, and 8 Guest Posts

My visitor publishing content to a blog try started on January fourth, 2019, and finished on January eighteenth, 2019. During these 15 days, I went through each step of the visitor writing for a blog cycle. This interaction include tracking down the right contacts, cold email outreach, pitching points, framing and composing drafts, lastly, submitting visitor presents on get them distribute.

On January fourth, I start messaging 68 unique sites to inquire as to whether I can contribute a guest post. Of these 68 locales, 28 were intrigue. Of these 28, I pitch themes to 18. At long last, of these 18 locales, I got eight articles distribute in 15 days.

Truth be told, on the most recent three days of the trial – January 16, 17, and 18 – articles were distributed three days straight.

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