Build A White Label Gojek Clone App for your Business

Gojek Clone

If you always wanted to start your own business that helps you make easy money, is quick to launch, and is not so expensive, then Gojek Clone App is the answer! This miraculous on-demand multi-service app is the best solution for entrepreneurs. So, if you are extremely ambitious about getting your name into the Forbes Business Magazine, this is your shortcut to success.

Build a White-labeled Gojek-like App

A white-labeled solution is where a base app (one that has already been designed, coded, and tested) is rebranded to develop a new application.

Here, the experts add your company’s name and logo on the splash screen, navigation bar, and wherever it is necessary.

Moreover, they will change the color theme of the app so that it matches the color of your logo. This will give your application an appealing look that’s unique to your branding!

While the experts are white-labeling the application, they can also undertake customization of the Gojek Clone App. It is at this stage, the experts integrate your preferred languages, currencies, SMS, and payment gateways into the app.

Find a White-labeling Firm, to Begin With!

The more exciting it is to get your own app white-labeled, the more tiring it is to find a firm that can do it professionally.

Therefore, you need to carefully look at each and every firm and what they offer. You must also read their terms and conditions before moving ahead with the purchase of the application.

Well, while you are looking for a white-labeling firm, you must consider the following things –

  • They should sign the NDA.
  • They must prepare and give you a Scope Document.
  • After the launch of the Gojek Clone App, the firm must share the licensed source code with you.
  • Their delivery time should be 1 to 2 weeks only.
  • Part-payment is available using which you could pay them in small installments.

Once you compare all the white-labeling firms and note that it has all the above-mentioned characteristics, sign up for a demo!

YES! Take the Demo Trial

Until and unless you take the demo app trial, it will be difficult for you to ensure that it is the right solution for you.

If you have contacted a white-labeling firm that is well-established, they will insist you take up the demo app trial.

Thus, when you are testing the application, note the following things –

  • The workflow of the app.
  • Quality of the Gojek Clone App.
  • Features that are integrated into the app.
  • Services that you will get.
  • Check the technology stack used
  • Make sure that the UI/UX of the app is user-friendly

Once you consider the following things and think that the app is perfectly built for you, go ahead with the purchase process!

Gojek app clone script

Wait! One More Thing…

Also, before you purchase the application, the Project Manager of the white-labeling firm will schedule multiple discussions.

These discussions are basically to understand what your requirements are and how you can make the app more efficient!

After discussing everything, they will prepare the Scope Document so that you can easily take the purchase decision!

In Conclusion:

Are you ready to invest in the Gojek Clone App?

Get your hands on the world’s smartest Gojek-like app and in a blink, your app will be ready! With the pre-built app, your app will be up and running on app stores in less than 2 weeks.

So, get the solution today!

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