How reliable is it to buy jewellery from international seller online?


In the recent years, the marketplace has shifted online and people shop for things virtually from their homes. This concept was in its baby step when the coronavirus pandemic gave it the necessary push. During the pandemic, people were restricted to their homes and the only means to buy groceries and necessary supplies was via online shopping. Now even when the pandemic has gone, people have become used to shopping online from the comfort of their homes.

The businesses too have grown to expand their online avenues of shopping and today you can get almost anything with just a click of a button. Even the time span to receive an item has reduced. Order it online and it will be at your doorstep in a few minutes time. In this era of online shopping, jewellery too has kept up pace with the advancing technology. Gone are the days when people wanted to buy jewellery in person because it was a huge investment. Today you can buy both fashion and fine jewellery online without stepping out of your houses.

There are several benefits of buying jewellery online. You don’t have to go to the retail store in person to pick up a piece you like. You can see and choose the piece online and place an order and it will be delivered at your doorstep at no extra cost. This way you get save a lot of time and money. One doesn’t have to wade through crowds of people or stand in queues for billing. Shopping online allows you shop faster and at your own convenience at any time of the day.  Secondly, you are more likely to get discounts and offers which are not available during the in store shopping. Brick and mortar jewellery stores need to maintain the physical store and therefore have overhead costs but the same piece online will be cheaper because of no overhead costs. Therefore, they will offer a more attractive price. Even if you are looking to customize jewellery, don’t be shy to shop online because certain big brands like Flawless Fine Jewelry from Hatton Garden, London offer customization options on their apps and website.

All this said and done, the online marketplace is filled with hackers and frauds. Therefore, one must be careful while shopping online for jewellery. There are several websites that sell jewellery online but not all of them may be genuine. It is quite easy to get duped by these and lose your hard earned money. Therefore, always buy online from genuine and trusted sellers which have a good reputation especially when you are buying something expensive like natural or lab diamond engagement rings. Always go through the customer feedback, product description and terms and conditions of the seller. Also do a background check of the brand which you are buying and find out whether they are genuine or not. Make sure to also check the hallmark and certification of the products you are buying. Only buy from the trusted brands that you know of in order to avoid being cheated.


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