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Are you a woman and planning to perform the Umrah journey? If yes then this article is especially for you to get complete guidance for your Umrah journey. Umrah pilgrimage is a pilgrimage that you can perform at any time of the year. Muslims gain spiritual strength by performing this journey. It is the source of peace for them. It is the second tithe Hajj pilgrimage in the Islamic culture. There are some sets of rules for women to perform the Umrah journey. The rules for women are completely different from men for this sacred pilgrimage. You must have to follow these rules for the completion of the Umrah journey.

If a woman does not follow these rules and regulations then her Umrah journey will remain incomplete. To complete your sacred pilgrimage, you must have to follow these rules and guidelines regarding your Umrah journey. Next flights have Umrah packages October 2023 for you to perform Umrah in the coming year. Weather conditions are very appropriate in October so you can easily perform Umrah in October. For more information and guidance, you can visit Next Flights.

Dress Code For Women During The Umrah Pilgrimage

The dress code of women for the Umrah journey is completely different from men. Before starting the Umrah journey, pilgrims have to assume the state of Ihram. The same is the case with women. She has to assume the state of Ihram before starting the Umrah journey. The Ihram clothing for women is different from men in terms of the kind of clothing.

Women can wear any of their casual clothes for the sacred state of Ihram. Even she can wear her normal clothes to assume the state of Ihram. But the clothes should be clean and dirt free. The clothes that women wear in the State Of Ihram must not attract the attention of their surroundings towards her. There should be no piece of styling in it that becomes the cause of the attention of others. Mostly, women prefer an abaya for the sacred state of Ihram. Her body must be completely covered when you are in the state of Ihram.

Guidelines For Women In The Umrah Journey

There are some guidelines and rules regarding the Umrah journey of women. These guidelines are compulsory for women to follow when they are going to perform the Umrah journey. Let us discuss these guidelines before wasting our time.

  • If a woman is going to perform the Umrah journey then she has to cut her nails and hair before entering the state of Ihram. When she entered the state of Ihram then she is unable to cut her nails and hair.
  • Unlike men, women can wear stitched clothes during the state of Ihram. There are no specific clothes for the State Of Ihram. But she cannot wear shiny and fancy dresses in this sacred state. Mostly abaya is preferred for this sacred state of Ihram.
  • The body hair of women is also shaved before starting this journey. She is not allowed to shave her body hair during the state of Ihram.
  • Women have to take a purifying bath before starting the Umrah Rituals. She has to do it for purifying herself from every kind of dirt.
  • Moreover, women must have to take some spare clothes with them. She can change her clothes in case the first one gets dirty.
  • Women must have to protect their chastity in this sacred pilgrimage. She must stay with her Mahram or group to stay away from all other men who are not Mahram for her.
  • Pray areas for women are designated. So, she should pray in that specific areas.

Restrictions For Women In The Umrah Journey

As we studied the guidelines for women during the Umrah journey. In the same way, there are some restrictions as well. Women have to stay prohibited from some acts when she is in the state of Ihram. Let us discuss what these don’t do for women in the sacred journey.

  • Women have to stay away from any kind of physical relationship with their spouse in the state of Ihram.
  • If a woman is on her period then Islam does not allow her to take part in the Umrah journey. So, she should not participate in the Rituals of the Umrah journey when she is in this state.
  • The complete body of women must be undercover in the state of Ihram during the Umrah journey. Only two body parts are not on the cover which are the hand and faces of the women.
  • You cannot apply makeup in the state of Ihram during the Umrah journey.

Women should stay away from acts when going to perform the Umrah journey with October 2023 Umrah packages.


In short, women have to follow the rules and stay away from restrictions when she is going to perform the Umrah journey. If the woman is more than the age of 45 then she can go for an Umrah journey without a Mahram. Next flights have October Umrah packages for you. Avail them and perform the Umrah journey with your loved ones.

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