Andaman honeymoon destinations to mark new beginnings

Andaman Honeymoon package

The Andaman Islands in India are a paradise for honeymoon couples from all over the world and are one of the best Andaman Honeymoon package destinations in the country. There are various honeymoon destinations in Andaman that make your journey more fascinating because of the long white stretches, the inland jungles, private islands, turquoise blue oceans, and bright skies.

There are many romantic locations to explore in the Bay of Bengal island archipelago, which is located off the coast of mainland India. What more could you possibly want from a romantic getaway with your better half?

The top locations in Andaman for a honeymoon are waiting to host your ideal honeymoon. We have put together this list of Andaman honeymoon locations for your romantic getaway in Andaman to provide the most unforgettable honeymoon trip possible!


A honeymoon trip to the Andaman Islands begins at Port Blair, the nation’s capital. The city can’t be described as beautiful. Numerous beautiful beaches, water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling, sea cruises, and a look at the history and culture of the islands are all available. Have fun with your significant other while relaxing in a resort atmosphere, going on excursions, and visiting different islands.

Activities for Couples in Port Blair:

  • Visit the National Memorial to Cellular Jail.
  • Discover the lovely Ross Island.
  • Visit the Anthropological Museum to learn more about tribal communities.
  • Visit the Fisheries Museum for some time.
  • Investigate the Samudrika (Naval Marine Museum).
  • Visit the Kalapani Museum and the Zoological Survey of India Museum.
  • Check out Chatham Saw Mill.
  • Sagarika – Cottage Industries Emporium is a place to shop.

Harrington Island

An idyllic natural sanctuary, Havelock Island is the perfect location for a romantic getaway in Andaman. The island is paradise, with stunning white sand beaches, including Radhanagar Beach, which has been named one of Asia’s top beaches. Take a stroll on the smooth sands, investigate the many coral reefs, take in the sunset, and go hiking through the verdant forest. It is the ideal romantic escape. The island’s opulent resorts enhance your experience. When arranging a honeymoon in the Andaman Islands, do not overlook Havelock Island.

Activities for Couples in Havelock:

  • Discover the lovely beaches at Kala Pather, Elephant Beach, and Radhanagar.
  • Take pleasure in swimming, surfing, scuba diving, sea walking, snorkelling, and game fishing.
  • Observing the sunrise or the sunset together.
  • Enjoy bird watching, trekking, boating, and kayaking. Ride an elephant.

Island of Neil

One of the most romantic locations to visit while on your Andaman honeymoon is the tiny and lovely Neil Island. Your honeymoon is even more unique in this location since you and your partner are surrounded by the beauty of nature, excitement, and numerous unforgettable events. Discover the beautiful coral reefs and bird-filled tropical jungle. Take a stroll on the sugar-soft sand beaches or unwind at your cosy resort. Neil Island’s uninhabited beaches provide a haven for amorous delight.

Activities for Couples in Neil Island:

  • Check out Neil Kendra.
  • Discover Sitapur Beach, Bharatpur Beach, and Lakshmanpur Beach I & II.
  • The Natural Rock Formation is visible.
  • Take a trip to Sir Hugh Rose Island.
  • activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, sport fishing, hiking, cycling, tanning, swimming, and bird viewing.


One of the top honeymoon destinations in Andaman Honeymoon Packages is Diglipur. The charming island offers eco-conscious visitors a unique experience. Explore rice fields, orange groves, and a haven for rich aquatic life when you want to leave the picturesque shorelines. Trek to Saddle Peak, the Andaman Islands’ highest point. In addition, this is where the island’s sole river, Kalpong, runs. You should take advantage of your Andaman vacation to appreciate the unspoiled beauty of country life.

Activities for Romance in Diglipur:

  • Enjoy some time together at Lamiya Bay Beach.
  • Shyam Nagar’s Mud Volcano is worth seeing.
  • Investigate the Turtle Nesting Ground and Kalipur Beach.
  • Visit Ross and Smith Islands, twin islands.
  • Sit beside the water at Pathi Level Beach and Ramnagar Beach.
  • Discover Alfred Caves, a series of limestone caves in Diglipur.
  • View Saddle Peak, the highest peak in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (732 m).
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