Selecting the Appropriate Color Palettes

Go Ahead and Use Excessive Color!

Most of us are familiar with the fundamentals of the color wheel, including primary and secondary colors and how they relate to one another. Knowing how to combine the primary colors (red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, and green) is just one aspect of the color wheel’s potential meaning. We may improve our understanding of color theory by being familiar with several color palettes. And this is particularly important for those in the creative Canvas art reproduction  . Patti Mollica, an artist, discusses some of the most prevalent color combinations below. In this sample from her book How to Paint Fast Loose and Bold, she also swiftly illustrates the effects of several color schemes on the same picture. Enjoy!

Schemes of Color That Work Well Together

While it’s fun to play around with color schemes by picking hues at random depending on our tastes, there are some color schemes (known as harmonic color schemes) that are universally agreed upon as being more aesthetically beautiful. Colors that are situated next to one another on the color wheel have a more harmonious connection than those further apart. Learn the most prevalent color terminology before we go into the fundamentals:

  •         A tint is a shade that has been diluted with white.
  •         Hue refers to the undiluted, undiluted hue of the paint.
  •         A tone is a shade of color achieved by adding or subtracting gray.
  •         A shade is a lighter version of a darker hue.

Use a Photograph as a Guide.

To create a more engaging composition, you might use a reference picture as a jumping-off point for the overall design of the image. In painting, composition is the most crucial element. Skipping this phase will lead to you slavishly imitating the work of your immediate predecessors. Indeed, the ideal composition for a beautiful picture is a rarity in nature. Mountains, trees, and anything else that detracts from your composition should be moved.

Draw a Three-Value Diagram

Draw a three-value drawing based on the provided picture. See whether making a few changes improves the Angel paintings abstract inspired  as a whole the way you see them. In this instance, I want to highlight the barn. Thus, I extended it and installed a silo. I shifted the slope of the hill such that it was no longer horizontal but rather diagonal. In this manner, the barn, the subject of interest, is brought directly into focus.

Color Scheme Selection: Dominant and Secondary Colors

When the value sketch is complete to your liking, you may go on to try out other color combinations.

It is recommended that one color be used as the dominant and the others as the secondary when dealing with color schemes, whether those schemes are based on personal taste or any of the conventional schemes from the color wheel relationships. That is to say, if you utilize colors in varying intensities, the result is far more visually appealing.

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