What are the Different Types of Candies?

The history of sweet treats is quite long. You will be amazed to know that people loved to eat them since the ancient era. The deep love and evolution of sweet candies are the reason why we have different flavors now. Right from lemon and mango to cola and mint, the choices are endless. You can even check the variety offered by candy manufacturers in India. But yes, you should know that candies are different in terms of textures and ingredients apart from the taste. Only one element remains the same – the happiness we feel after having our favorite sugary treat.

Do you know what the main types of candies are? You may or may not know all the types but we have listed a few popular ones here. Take a look:

Hard candies

Also known as boiled sweets, hard candies are one of the most popular yet common candy types that you will find. When it comes to history, dates back to Egypt. The Egyptians used to make sweet candies with the help of honey, nuts, and fruits. In ancient candies, honey was a key ingredient. But gradually, honey is replaced by sugar. Along with sugar, candy makers used to add fructose, glucose, etc. to the candies. Some popular hard candies include bomb blast candies and so on.

Cotton candies

These are the fluffiest candies that just melt in your mouth. Cotton candies are also called carnival candies, fairy floss, and candy floss. The main ingredient used by the candies and snack companies in India is sugar along with food colors and flavors. These are highly loved by kids.


You may hardly find someone who hates chocolate. Made from the ground and roasted cacao, chocolates also have medicinal significance if taken moderately. As per many studies and healthcare experts, chocolates can keep your heart healthy if you consume them responsibly. The best thing about this candy option is that you have multiple options including dark, milk, etc.


Highly loved by kids, lollipops are quite convenient to eat because of the sticks given. You will be amazed to know that previously people have tried hard to make edible lollipop sticks but things did not go well. It is believed that George Smith was the person who invented lollipops in 1908. Currently, you can find many flavors in lollipops too.


These soft and chewy candies also have a long history. Originally, gummies are made of gelatin, corn syrup, water, sucrose, and starch. Today, almost every candies and chips manufacturer in India is also adding different flavors and chemical-free food colors to give appealing look to the gummy candies. The most exciting thing about these candies is that you can have different shapes i.e. gummy bears, worms, fruit loops, and so on.

The bottom line

These are a few types only but you can have more if you connect with a good candy manufacturer like Kiwi Foods. This is one of the well-known providers of yummy snack items and delicious candies. To find out more about the same, you can visit the online store cum official website of this provider.

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