When to go for aluminium railings?

aluminium railing systems in Delhi NCR

When it comes to choosing between steel railing systems and aluminium railing systems in Delhi NCR for balconies, you need to evaluate aluminium based on its own merits before making a decision. Satkartar Glass Solutions brings a detailed synopsis so that you can make informed decision.

Misconceptions Regarding Aluminium Exposed

As an element, aluminium isn’t at all scarce. It accounts for around 8.5% of the crust of the Earth. (As opposed to the 5.6% found in steel.) There are two main reasons why aluminium is so much more expensive than steel, in addition to its rarity. It is a volatile element that reacts with many other metals easily, particularly when it is heated, and the only way to separate it out into its pristine metallic state is to jolt it with enormous amounts of electricity. That means that the production of aluminium in amounts that were useful wasn’t possible before the widespread availability of electricity.

When comparing aluminium to steel, a common claim made in comparison guides is that aluminium does not rust. However, this quality, which is typically referred to as aluminium’s greatest strength, isn’t truly accurate at all. Aluminium does generate aluminium oxide. In contrast to rust, which is caused by iron oxide, aluminium oxide creates upper layers that stop oxygen from reaching the underlying aluminium, so preventing the metal from deteriorating further. Rust is caused by iron oxide. Rust, on the contrary hand, causes the molecular structure of iron or steel to become more susceptible to subsequent invasion by oxygen from the surrounding air. This essentially indicates that aluminium will corrode up to a certain amount, at which time the process will stop, whereas rust, once it has begun, will continue to spread.

Advantages of Aluminium Railing Systems in Delhi NCR

As metal, Aluminium railings in Delhi NCR truly shine as a result of a couple of its distinctive properties, which are as follows:


Aluminium weighs less than steel of the same size because it has a lower specific gravity. A single worker is unable to raise a hollow piece of steel tubing that is 16 feet long and 6 by 6, but that same worker is able to lift an equivalent piece of aluminium tubing that is the same size. When contemplating whether or not to construct your deck railing on your own, this is an important point to keep in mind. The weight of the assembled railing section increases when multiple different metal components are put together to form it.

Corrosion resistance

As described earlier, aluminium is much less susceptible to destructive rust than steel, and even if rust does form, it did not spread in a similar way that rust does.

Unique thermal properties

When exposed to freezing temperatures, steel will become more brittle, but aluminium will actually strengthen. Aside from that, aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, which means that despite the fact that it can quickly absorb heat, it can also swiftly distribute that heat. In the national capital the temperature can drop to 3 degrees that is why aluminium railings in Delhi NCR are an excellent choice.

Because of its exceptional qualities, aluminium is frequently superior than steel in terms of its durability and ease of installation. Aluminium is also significantly lighter than steel. If you imagine a railing being buffeted by a strong wind, the points at the ends and base of the railing that are anchored to the structure will be under the most pressure. It is less probable that the bolts that are fastening the railings will break if the railings are constructed of a light metal such as aluminium because less power will be placed on those anchor points.

Due to the exceptional thermal qualities of this metal, aluminium railings in Delhi NCR won’t likely become so hot that it’s unpleasant to touch even if it’s left in the sun all day. This is the case even if the railing is exposed to direct sunlight. And because aluminium gets stronger as it gets colder, this metal is an excellent option for regions that see tremendous temperature swings even desert settings, where the temperature can go from extremely hot to extremely cold within the span of a single day let alone the national capital.

When Is It Appropriate to Choose Aluminium?

Steel and aluminium are frequently considered to be siblings who compete for legitimacy; however, that is far from truth. Because they are such distinct substances, having experience with one does not necessarily equip you to work effectively with the other. When is the right time to make the switch to aluminium railings for your deck or porch? When factors such as weight, extreme cold, or severe variability in day and night temperature are taken into account, the additional cost of aluminium railings is justified. However, steel that has been well shielded from the components will be less expensive and will do the task just fine in the majority of situations. When searching for a railing that will not rust in a region that frequently experiences rain, heat and cold all at once then aluminium railings in Delhi NCR may also be a fantastic option for you to consider. Consideration of all of these aspects is typically required before settling on aluminium as the material of choice. Find a system that has been well designed regardless of the option you go with; this is something you should prioritise.


Powder coating of superior quality provides an additional layer of protection for metal railing, which helps prevent corrosion. These systems are not only simple to use, but they are also simple to set up since they use brackets that are set up with matching coated cutting screws. This meticulous attention to detail is a distinguishing feature of all of the products that Satkartar Glass Solutions has to offer, including railings, decks, and fences. If you happen to live in the proximity of the national capital choose the best installers of aluminium railing system in Delhi NCR for a hassle free experience.

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