Where Do Cockroaches Come From? A Detailed Guide

The most common types of cockroaches that threaten New York homes and businesses are the American and German cockroaches. Oriental and brown lizards can be found here, but they are rare.

Cockroaches generally prefer dark, humid places where they have access to water and easy food. They are found living and breeding in crowded city streets, parks, subway tunnels, and sewer systems, as well as in homes and buildings.

American cockroaches love to be outdoors. Since they need a constant source of water, they are often found near drains, storm drains, wells and pipes.

The shiny black Oriental cockroach – also known as the water bug – is another type of cockroach that thrives in wet, aquatic environments. How cockroaches get into your house or apartment

Fire is attracted to the house and the house needs food, warmth and humidity. If you happen to find one in your home, knowing how it got in can help you get rid of it successfully.

Here are some ways cockroaches get into your home:

  • Cracks in walls and foundations
  • Gate
  • plumbing line
  • Bags, bags, and clothes
  • Ground floor
  • Neighbors
  • Cracks in walls and foundations

Holes and cracks are easy routes for cockroaches. Their thin and flat bodies allow them to fit into small spaces. Some types of cockroaches can fly through openings as narrow as 1/16 inch.

If there is a crack in the wall in your room, cockroaches can enter the space between the walls, where they can easily move from room to room. We recommend using silicone sealants to fill holes and cracks in your home, both inside and out, to keep cockroaches out.


Entering your home under the door is another way for cockroaches to get in. With their flat bodies, they can easily fit under the average installation space. This is especially true if you keep the door open for long periods of time. If there is a difference between the bottom of the front door and the bottom, consider installing a door seal. These devices can be installed easily and will help to block the access to prevent the entry of unwanted insects. plumbing line

Fire attracts space with water, light and food. Unfortunately for homeowners and renters, plumbing lines have it all. These pests can get into your home’s water supply through the sewage system, through the water that connects to your home.

They are often found around the bathroom and the kitchen area in particular, which hold a lot of water and food. They can also go through cracks in walls where plumbing lines are located, such as under the sink and behind the dishwasher.

American cockroaches are often associated with plumbing problems. They often nest in places like boilers and move around by following pipes and water lines.

Bags, bags and clothes

Fire can also enter your home through the things you bring into it. It is common for small German cockroaches to infest a home after being accidentally brought in from a shipment in a package.

Because the German type of humor is small, at least compared to the American or Eastern ones, it can easily hide in the folds and edges of cardboard boxes, cloth bags, and used furniture. Cardboard boxes or paper bags are particularly attractive to them.

Beetles communicate with scents called pheromones that are released in their excrement. Cardboard and paper absorb these scents, allowing other cockroaches to follow the scent as a trail.

To reduce the risk of bringing cockroaches into your home like this, take the time to check all boxes or items before bringing them into your home. Ground floor

If you live in a house, the most common place where cockroaches come from is the basement. Cockroaches love dark spaces, so if the basement is poorly insulated or poorly ventilated, cockroaches can get in from outside and spread to other parts of the house. . Neighbors

If you live in a house, it is possible that these insects are coming from neighboring residences. Homes have many shared walls and cockroaches can easily get through cracks, holes, vents and water lines. Check with your building staff to see if other residents have had symptoms.

What causes and attracts cockroaches? Humor is interesting:

  • humidity
  • Food
  • Heat

A plant can go about a week without water. This is why they are attracted to wet areas such as bathrooms, basements and kitchens.

These insects don’t need a lot of water though – a small drop or even a large amount of water and air can be used to keep them going.

  • As for food, cockroaches can live up to a month without it, much longer than they can live without water.
  • Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects, which allows them to lower their bodies to conserve energy. This is useful when they have trouble finding food.
  • Finally, temperature is another important attraction for cockroaches. These insects grow in hot and humid places, so that the sighting of the clownfish usually increases in the summer.
  • The increase in temperature causes cockroaches to eat and reproduce more quickly than they do in the colder months.


Tips to prevent cockroaches in your home

Wash and remove dishes immediately – don’t leave them in the sink overnight. Clean up spills and crumbs as soon as possible.

Place a tight lid on the kitchen towel and remove it every night. Store food in an airtight container.

Close leaking pipes and fix leaking faucets. Always sweep the floor, especially where food is prepared or eaten.


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