When choosing the best life insurance, it is worth evaluating the options available on the market. It was with this in mind that we created this article. Check out some alternatives below!

What is the best life insurance in 2023? With so many options available on the market, it isn’t easy to analyze everything and come to a conclusion. It is important to choose a reliable insurance company and check if it is regulated by SUSEP (Superintendence of Private Insurance) .

So, thinking about making it easier for you, we created this article. In it, we show the best alternatives according to each category. Check out!

best life insurance

1. Youse Seguros

Youse Seguros offers the best life insurance online . Hiring is done entirely via the internet or via the app (available for iOS and Android ).

One of the advantages is that the payment can be scheduled to be deducted from the credit card month by month, that is, it does not compromise the available limit.

The insurer allows you to set up insurance the way you best want and need it. The coverage offered includes compensation for:

  • death (accidental and natural);
  • death of spouse and children;
  • cancer diagnosis.

In addition, you can also add extra services and assistance such as: medical checkup, driver, residential, dog and cat, and even bicycles.


ThIs many life insurance policies is fully customizable and has several extra services and assistance.


To make a quote, it is necessary to fill in a form with your data, only to then obtain the information. The process may take more than one step until the contract is signed.

Youse’s score on Reclame Aqui is 7.2. With all the information, we can say that Youse insurance is good and reliable .

2. Azos

Of the options analyzed, Azos Seguro de Vida proved to be the option with the best cost-benefit ratio. From R$5 per month , it is possible to purchase basic coverage.

Everything will depend, of course, on the value of the prize you want to leave for the beneficiaries.

In addition, there are also some extra coverages, which include:

  • total disability due to accidents;
  • serious diseases;
  • funeral assistance for the insured.


Hiring does not require the presentation of medical examinations; the request is made completely online and the approval is made in one business day.


Does not accept bank slip as a form of payment; coverage for serious illnesses is limited to R$500,000.

3. On the Croup – Too Safe

Na Garupa is the best life insurance for motorcyclists , offered by Too Seguros. With it, it is possible to obtain coverage for disability or death of the holder. Indemnities can reach R$60,000.

In addition, it is also possible to obtain 24-hour assistance for the motorcycle, with services such as:

  • ride, in case the motorcycle stops working;
  • winch;
  • self-help.


It is a specialized motorcyclist insurance and has a good price (R$36.90 per month).


Because it is very specialized and cost-effective, it is a simpler life insurance.

4. Porto Seguro life insurance

Porto Seguro life insurance is also among traditional insurers’ best and best option.

The company offers complete alternatives and a modality aimed at the female public (woman insurance).

On the other hand, if you want a cheap alternative, the insurer also has a simpler option, but with installments that fit in your pocket. So it’s worth researching and seeing which one is best suited for your goals.

Access to a life insurance table is the best way to view information practically and make an even better decision.

The coverage offered by Porto Seguro involves:

  • daily due to some disability;
  • illnesses;
  • funeral assistance (individual or family);
  • illness anticipation;
  • disability (total or partial) resulting from an accident.


The company offers several coverage options, so you can find the most suitable one.

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