Benefits of Tapping Tools

Are you planning on getting a tapping tool but still determining if you should get it? Tapping tools is beneficial, especially if you want to increase the efficiency of your work.

These tools are expensive and are a wonderful choice if you want your business to reduce Labour costs. 

Below are some of the benefits of getting tapping tools, Markham. 

1. Improve safety

Acquiring tapping tools helps to improve safety in the site or workspace. It reduces the number of hours you’ll spend doing a particular job. Tapping tools also reduce the time you spend handling tools, lowering the risk of falls and other common injuries sustained in your workspace.

Most tapping tools also have additional safety features, making them safer. Because many taping tools can reach those high-up places, it reduces the need for stilts, ladders and scaffolding, which are one of the main causes of accidents in the plasterer’s workplace.

2.Grow your business

Another fantastic benefit of tapping tools is that it helps to grow your business. This is achieved by increasing the speed at which you work, and it makes the quality of work consistent. Tapping tools enable you to handle more and larger jobs and increase your bottom line. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your business, tapping tools can provide you with the means you need to do so.

3. They are convenient

They are very convenient tools. They don’t only help you get better results but also allow you to stay on schedule. Tapping tools also help to increase your efficiency greatly.

The tapers also help them save time because they’re more consistent than hand taping. You can adjust the taper to reach the consistency needed for the job.

4. Speed up the work process

They help you finish drywall faster and more efficiently. Taping tools are only for some. They are not for amateur drywallers and aren’t the best choice for small remodelling jobs. However, using these drywall tools is excellent for high-volume drywall work and is a great option for professionals.

Tapping tools are available in a wide variety of sizes. The Ames brand, which now includes TapeTech, is the original automatic tool. We offer the Ames system nationwide through our storefronts. Finishing can be done much faster with a taping tool than with hand tools, such as a taping knife, pan and hawk. 

Taping tools make the taping process considerably faster. This means you can get more work done in less time without sacrificing quality. It also makes room in your schedule to take on additional jobs or larger and more profitable jobs that would normally be too time-consuming.

5. Reduce Physical Strain

Finishing drywall is a physically demanding task. The job involves repetitive movements that strain your back, shoulders, and arms and can lead to chronic injuries. Automatic tools make finishing drywall faster, so you don’t have to work as hard, which can take a heavy burden off your shoulders.

6. Increase Your Efficiency and Profitability

Typically require that you thin the compound with water before applying it. This is especially important when working in corners. We suggest using Machine Mud as this mud has a higher glue content, making it thinner. 

The more glue you put into the compound, the better the bond between the tape and the surface. If you use less glue, you will get less adhesive and a higher percentage of peeling and blistering. Buying automatic tools for drywall installation is smart, and you’ll enjoy the increased efficiency and profitability they offer.

Automatic Tapers are also easy to use and are faster than manual taping. They apply tape and joint compounds simultaneously, allowing you to coat inside corners and eliminate imperfections. The automatic tapers also compensate for slightly out-of-square corners and automatically adjust for them. 

They’re great for sloppy jobs and can save you time and money. They’re also great for home improvement projects. The advantages of automatic tapers are numerous, and you’ll be amazed at the efficiency and speed of their work.

7. Saves money

A taping tool is proven to get the job done quicker with chances of a more consistent result, meaning more profit on time saved and less unhappy customers and callbacks.

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