Choosing the best long-term travel insurance for a trip worldwide

The subject of long-term travel insurance for a world tour is probably THE most chi… (uh, boring) question of preparations for a world tour or a long stay. It’s true, you have decided to go on an adventure to discover the world, you are hyper-motivated by this project, and there we tell you:

Your project is cool, but have you thought about getting insurance?

This is where the nightmare begins! You start looking for information on the internet. You have read on travel blogs, groups, and forums that you are advised to take out long-term travel insurance for your world tour.

You also read that with your credit card you may have travel insurance, that your social security and/or mutual insurance may be sufficient… In short, everything is mixed up in your head and you don’t really know what to think!

But don’t panic; that’s where we come in!

Our goal in this guide and comparison on long-term travel and round-the-world insurance is to take all this information, to present it to you clearly and understandably (because the gibberish of insurance jargon is very nice…) to help you easily find the round-the-world insurance that suits you.

At the beginning of this file, you will find our comparison of the best long-term travel insurance for your round-the-world trip. Then we will give you our opinion on the best travel insurance according to the situation (solo traveller, couple, family, age, etc.). Finally, you will find all the important information you need to know to choose your travel insurance coverage. We let you start where you prefer with the help of the table of contents.

Comparison of the best long-term travel and round-the-world insurance

If you have done a little research on French and English travel blogs, you will certainly have noticed that you are often recommended the same long-term travel insurance. However, many other long-stay travel insurance policies often have a much better quality/price ratio than the covers everyone is talking about (go figure, pk all the English blogs recommend WorldNomads, which offer exorbitant prices).

In the table below, you will find the long-term travel or round-the-world insurance policies that are the best in 2023. This travel insurance comparison is the result of a long research work (also feedback or discussions with other travellers), and we sincerely hope that it will help you find insurance coverage with the best value for money for your trip or world tour.

How to use the travel insurance comparison

The  below is interactive and allows you to compare the long-stay travel insurance coverages that interest you the most. Here’s how to use it:

Check the round-the-world insurance cover you want to compare (for better readability, do not check more than4-5 on computerAnd2-3 on mobile)

You can delete all the lines of the guarantees that do not interest you by clicking on the crosses and hide the guarantees by criteria by clicking on the subtitles.

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