How can I insure myself against disability as a self-employed person?

As an entrepreneur, you can decide for yourself how you insure yourself against incapacity for work. You can reserve money yourself, take out insurance or participate in a bread fund. The selection tool at the bottom of this page indicates what you should pay attention to when choosing an insurance policy.

Replacement income for independent entrepreneurs in the event of disability

As a self-employed person, you can provide a replacement income by:

  • Reserve money yourself;
  • Take out private disability insurance (AOV);
  • Take out an ‘individual disability insurance against group conditions.’ This is possible through various industry and professional organizations. Interest groups for the self-employed also offer their members this opportunity;
  • Take out voluntary Sickness Benefits Insurance or WIA insurance with the UWV. You can take out this insurance if you become a self-employed person as an employee or on the basis of a benefit;
  • Participate in a bread fund for the 1st 2 years of your incapacity for work. A bread fund consists of entrepreneurs who put money aside every month. If one of them is ill for a long time, he receives donations every month from the others in his bread fund to make ends meet.

The Minister of Social Affairs and Employment is investigating whether elderly people in specific professions can take out health insurance through the UWV, for example, if this is not possible through private insurers.

Safety net insurance for risks that are difficult to insure for the self-employed

It is sometimes difficult for self-employed persons with an illness to take out health insurance. Some insurers offer to start self-employed persons a safety net insurance for the first 15 months. Insurers are not obliged to accept them.

Is an insurer a member of the Dutch Association of Insurers? And does the insurer offer disability insurance? Then the insurer is obliged to offer such a safety net insurance. This falls under the binding self-regulation of the Covenant.

Self-employed person’s disability insurance selection tool

You are considering taking out disability insurance. There are often more options than you think. This tool provides insight into the possibilities and helps you to make your own choice.  

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