How to get 8 band score in all IELTS sections?

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AsĀ  we know, many people are in search of which countries accept 5.5 bands. But, people don’t know getting 8+ bands can confirm your visa approval.

IELTS reading and listening both include 40 questions, so in order to get a band 8, you must correctly respond to 36 of each.

To get an IELTS score of 8 bands, there are a few elements in each area that the test-taker must comprehend. Let’s go through each section individually:


When taking the listening exam, there are a few things to keep in mind to get an 8-band score. The guidelines that you may adhere to are as follows:

Avoid relying solely on tips and tricks

You may review the advice provided to get an 8-band score. But it is not healthy at all to completely rely on it. You might use that time to prepare for the IELTS exam rather than concentrating only on tips and tactics. Working hard is the only way to get an 8 on the IELTS test.


This is the most crucial element since, when you repeatedly hear anything, you can easily understand it, and it also helps you become better. You will be able to comprehend the many dialects of the English language if you listen to it every day. You will also be able to choose the best word to use when building a phrase. There are several websites that can aid you in developing your listening abilities and that provide you with a wealth of materials.


It is important to pay close attention when listening to anything in order to catch everything.Listening carefully will help you improve your vocabulary and grammar, which are especially important for the IELTS test.

Create a strategy

You need to have a suitable plan or framework that you must adhere to in order to provide the best possible response. You may take the IELTS exam with confidence if you have a solid plan in place and understand how the various tasks should be completed in order.


The only thing that can help you get your desired band score is practice. You must continue to practise until you become fluent in the language.The proper approach for you to devote all of your time to is to practise. Additionally, the time you spent practising the lessons will not have been in vain. Use all of the practise tests while preparing for the IELTS exam, and set the timer to the exact time allotted for the real test. This will help you manage your time effectively and reduce stress when taking the test.


You must have outstanding reading abilities in order to get a high 8-band score, and you may develop these skills by reading a lot of books, periodicals, journals, and newspapers to enhance your English. For this, you should primarily concentrate on developing your grammar and vocabulary, attempt to understand the connection between the two sentences provided, and also be able to employ the passage’s keywords effectively.

The question itself contains the solution

This implies that it will be simpler to respond to a certain question if you fully comprehend it. You should leave yourself five minutes at the beginning to prepare for the response. It is preferable to read the text and the questions before actually composing the answer.

Appreciate the difference

In the reading exam, you must be able to distinguish between skimming and scanning.Skimming entails swiftly reading the content to obtain a general sense of it. You must be able to scan a paragraph quickly just by glancing at the headline to gain a broad notion of what it is about. “Scannable” refers to selecting and describing in depth the keywords you believe to be significant. If you possess both of these abilities, you will be able to manage your time effectively and do well on the IELTS test.

Not more than one minute should be spent on a single question

If you are unable to determine which response should be provided in response to a certain query, Skip to the next question and don’t spend too much time trying to figure out the solution to that one by yourself. You may return at the conclusion when more time is allowed to analyse the solutions and attempt to determine what the solution is. It’s critical to effectively manage your time because if you get bogged down in the first passage, you risk losing a lot of marks since you only have 40 minutes to respond to the questions. It’s best to respond to each question in under a minute.

Research the vocabulary unique to certain topics

The language used in the reading sections is crucial, and it will vary depending on the subject. Therefore, you must use caution when you learn the terminology. If you’ve taken a number of practise reading exams, you may have noticed that certain subjects and vocabulary also seem to recur. Time spent studying topics is never wasted since you will be well-prepared if the same subject is covered in the IELTS test you take.


Your success in this specific area is evaluated based on a set of criteria rather than the grades you obtain.

Task completion or reaction

Only then will you be able to get an 8-band score if the examiner can comprehend the concepts you’re trying to communicate in your essay. In addition, you should compose an essay of at least 150 words for Work 1 and 250 words for Task 2 if you want to get a Band 8 on the test and are an exceptional speaker of English.

Integrity and cohesion

The examiner will be looking for an answer that is simple to read, and you should be able to provide a flawless response. A paragraph with original content and a few connectors that are not often used by anybody else are also required in order to get an 8 band grade.


If you want to achieve a band score of 8, you must also consider the extensive vocabulary that the examiner anticipates. He will require you to use high-level words in your sentences. However, if you are familiar with high-level words but are unsure of how to use them effectively, studying them will be useless. So if you want to get an 8-band score, keep these points in mind.

Accuracy and range of grammar

While writing the essay, you must be careful to avoid making big mistakes; nevertheless, small mistakes are acceptable.if you want to get an 8-band grade, your grammar must be outstanding and your statement must be original.


I hope now you are very well aware about how to get 8 band in IELTS exams. To know more about the scholarships, to study abroad, you can visit the article below:

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