Important tips for students to avoid Distractions while studying

tips for students to avoid distractions while studying

This is the most burning problem that most students are facing in this digital age. So here in this article, we are trying to give some important tips for students to avoid distraction while studying.

If we talk about distractions, a few years ago or even a decade ago, there were very less distractions, but nowadays due to the rise of the social media industry, there is also a rise of distractions, and the world is presented to us in a very enticing way.

Moreover, the main challenging situation for the students is that most of their study materials and classes are scheduled online.

While they plan to study online they end up wasting their time scrolling through social media memes and content that is shared by top creators and influencers.

But in order to be successful in their lives and make a good career they need to think very wisely about the ways that they can follow in order to avoid distractions in their life and spend quality time while studying.

Why do students get’s distract?

Students these days have many options to get distract and make their minds wander for no reason. Given below are some of the reasons why students get distract.

  • The unrestrained urge to check social media apps very often, at least 10 times a day.
  • Attending useless calls and messages while studying.
  • Checking every notification on your mobile phone.
  • Mind full of random thoughts which makes them unable to focus.
  • Feeling sleepy while studying.

So these are all the major factors that make a student get distract due to their personal constraints and external constraints. Personal constraints mostly include their uncontrolled mind and senses whereas external factors consist of factors like excessive use of social media and the internet.

Tips to avoid distraction while studying:

We will try to cover all the important tips that students can use to stay away from distractions and make the best use of their time and achieve their goals effectively and timely.

 Keep your Mobile phone aside while studying:

If you really want to achieve good results in your life and become a good student and achieve more in your life then you need to stay away from your mobile phone or make the least use of your mobile phone.

Your mobile phone will pop up after every few seconds and can make you distracted from the goals that you have set for yourself.

The most important thing that you can do is to turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi service to never get distract and always focus on your work. You can also choose to keep your phone on silent mode and keep all the notifications.

Stop your mind chitchatting:

It is believe that our mind receives millions of thoughts every day, out of which only a few are useful, and the rest are just useless thoughts that pop up in our minds.

You need to stop such thoughts to pop up in your mind, and to do that is not a very easy task, it requires a lot of hard work and discipline to actually control your mind to stop chit-chattering.

You can also choose to meditate for just 10 minutes before you start your study sessions. This can really help you to increase your focus on your studies and achieve good results.

Most people also advise you to write down your thoughts when they start irritating you the most, so when you write them on a piece of paper, it immediately gets disappear from your mind, and then you can focus better.

Never Multitask:

This is the most important thing that you need to focus on, in order to improve your attention span and get better results with your checklist and tasks. It has been prove by great scientists we humans can only focus on one task at a time.

While many students prefer listening to music while studying, it is not advisable as it diverts your focus from the main point to two different things one is the music you are listening to and the other is the topic you are studying.

So it is always advisable to focus on one thing at a time and never multitask to achieve more output from your work.

Have a separate Time for Social Media:

Students should not use social media application while studying, instead what they can do, they use find out some separate time for themselves that they can use for exploring some funny and humorous content on social media.

Students can explore apps like Pickzon, Instagram, and Facebook in their free time or when they get bored of studying for long hours. Social media is not a distraction if used in a constrained or restricted manner.

In your free time you can open this amazing social media application- Pickzon, and  explore feeds on this app, you will get to see what others are sharing on their feeds and then you can also follow those people who share content similar to your liking.


In the conclusion, we would like to strongly affirm that it is very important to keep yourself motivated and disciplined in order to stay undistracted and achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Try using Pickzon social media application to find people who are professionals and can help you in your career.

Hope you get to know about the important tips for students to avoid distractions while studying.

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