Sandakphu Trek -Things to Remember 

Sandakphu trek


The Sandakphu trip is a fantastic place to begin independent trekking. There are trustworthy places around where you can find refuge or a cup of tea. Additionally, this trek’s accessibility to roadways is one of its good aspects. In contrast to the hikes in Himachal and Uttarakhand, you won’t feel alone. As a result, the Sandakphu trek is not dangerous. This walk shouldn’t be undertaken totally on your own, though. It may be annoying that you must always have a guide with you, but it will be helpful, especially if you are doing something for the first time.

Mane Bhanjang:

There are a few stores encircling this small settlement. This trekking route is active and well-liked. People can reserve vehicles for their journeys through the association of Land Rover Owners. The Mane Bhanjang tiny market, which is set out like an arcade, has two guide associations. On the right and left sides of the street are offices for associations. It’s simple to get in touch with them; just describe your needs, including the day and time of your walk, and a guide will be assigned.


You will begin your walk at Mane Bhanjang, pass through Tumling and Kaliphokri, and then arrive at Sandakphu, where you can select your location of departure.



From Manebhanjan, this route requires a three-hour journey. This route is less congested and is not connected to the roadways than Mane Bhanjang. As a result, few individuals will be driving along this route.


Rimbik, a populated area akin to Manebhanjan, is the first stop on the way to Srikhola; it takes 40 minutes to get there. In Rimbik, you may buy necessities and consult a guide. There is only one guide association in Rimbik, though, and it is called Rimbik Tours and Associations. From there, you can contact someone who can give you a guide. However, due to its lack of popularity and activity, no one typically chooses this path for hiking.


Tips to keep in mind when looking for a guide


It is crucial that guides register with associations in accordance with their locations and the office of the forest division. The list of Manebhanjan and Rimbik registered guides will be available to the range officer. While looking for a guide, keep the following in mind:

The facilitator must register with the organisation and the office of the forest division.


How to get the permission


Singalila National Park is the setting for the entire expedition. The following expenses are your responsibility:

  1. Intended for you
  2. Mules
  3. Tent


Two methods for making the payment


  1. Pay it simultaneously: All permits can be obtained at the forest office in Manebhanjan, which is close to the National Park’s entrance.


  1. Pay as you go: As soon as you enter the National Park, you will see various forest beat offices where you can pick up daily permits.


There is no price to travel from Manebhanjan to Tumling because you are not yet in the National Park; however, if you head towards Kalipokhri from Tumling, you will arrive at a forest beat office after a 10-minute walk, where you may obtain the requisite permits. For camping and visits, there are two different fees.




  • For Indian citizens: 120 to 150 rupees per trekker per day, 100 to 150 rupees for tents, and 400 rupees for mules.
  • Foreign nationals: Daily cost per hiker: Rs. 400


What We Suggest


We advise obtaining permission daily at each forest check-post, depending on the path you pick each day, as the walk passes in and out of the Singalila National Park.


What to anticipate when hiking alone


Throughout your Sandakphu journey, you can locate a lot of tea establishments. Those are the people’s homes, which offer both lodging and food. So, although the setting is more personal, it is similar to a hotel. Additionally, there are lots of places to stop for lunch or a snack along the way.


Benefits of the Sandakphu hike


  1. Comparing evacuation to other treks, it is simpler. With the assistance of those in the area, you can end the walk if you like. However, purchasing a car will be costly.


  1. Reliable access to roads


  1. Not a solitary journey; you can always get in touch with others.


  1. More secure than any other hike


When Not to undertake the Sandakphu trek alone


Due to the proximity of Christmas and New Year’s, the area will be packed from mid-December until mid-January. As a result, many tourists from Darjeeling and Nepal visit this location around this period to spend their holidays. Compared to other times of the year, tea shops will be substantially more expensive, and the level of service will suffer.

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