Compare sustainable health insurers 2023: who is cheap and fair?

Are you planning to switch health insurers? Then now is the time. You can choose the best auto insurance in Florida with the lowest price or the best coverage. But did you know that you can also look at sustainable health insurers? Here you can read what to look out for.

Sustainable health insurance, what exactly is it?

Insurers invest the premium you pay monthly. Unfortunately, that still often happens in fossil fuels, deforestation, and other projects accelerating dangerous climate change.

Fortunately, some insurers take a different approach.

How does my health insurer do it?

Suppose you want to know how your health insurer scores; look at the Fair Insurance Guide. This guide assesses insurers on human rights, animal welfare, oil and gas, climate change and nature.

The main players at a glance:

  • ASR (known from Ditzo and the Amersfoortse) scores well. VGZ is also well on its way but still has steps to take.
  • Achmea can still improve a lot on animal welfare but is doing well on nature, oil, and gas.
  • Zorg en Zekerheid, De Goudse, Unigarant (of ANWB), DSW and ONVZ need to do more in the field of climate change.
  • CZ, Menzis and NN Group (Nationale Nederlanden) also score questionably on investment policy for climate change.
  • Also interesting: in October 2022, it was announced that major polluter Aegon would be taken over by ASR. The name Aegon will disappear, but it remains to be seen whether the insurer will also adopt ASR’s sustainable policy.

A sustainable health insurer: your vote counts

Although much can be improved, most insurers have worked on a better investment policy in recent years.

The fact that these health insurers are now doing better is due to the complaints they received from customers. Your vote counts! Send your insurer a complaint or compliment via the Fair Insurance Guide. The more people do this, the better. This way, the health insurers notice what you consider important and what you pay attention to when choosing a sustainable health insurer.

You can do this even more.

Did you know that banks also invest your money? Unfortunately, banks still put a lot of money into deforestation, oil, coal, and gas. Now that you’re on your way to switching consider switching banks.

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