Learn How to Sell Custom Pillow Boxes More?

pillow boxes

After the arrival of the custom pillow boxes, the trend of packaging totally changed. There are various business domains that love to utilize pillow boxes for various purposes. Such as the encasement of the product is the foremost priority of the brands.

If you are wanting to sell your products more than simply choose the pillow shape boxes to encase your products. The pillow shape boxes are the most enticing idea to adopt as you can truly elevate your brand sales by utilizing the custom pillow boxes.

The following are some of the enticing ideas through which you can sell your products perfectly:

Thank you, Pillow Boxes

If you are wondering to design amazing thank you custom pillow boxes packaging for people who can thank their loved ones for the special things they did for them. Then you can simply introduce a “Thank you” range of boxes. This thank you range will surely get famous because people who really want to thank their loved ones will surely buy your products in this kind of amazing box instantly.

How to design these boxes? You can simply buy these boxes by choosing an interesting pattern. Just for selecting an interesting artwork that can grow your business famous so that your products can get famous within the market. Simply choose the stripped artwork to embed on the pillow box and follow it with a cloud shape to be drawn in the middle of the box.

Then after adding these features choose the gold foiling to write up the “Thank You” in the middle of the pillow box. This will give the customers an amazing feel of luxury and they will surely buy your boxes along with the products to gift them to their loved ones.

Kitty Pillow Boxes for Stuff Toys

If you are manufacturing toys for kids and want your boxes to catch the maximum attention of the kids and want to make your toys desirable then you are at the right place. We want to tell you an amazing idea that can increase the sales of your products and you will not regret it afterward.

For designing the amazing kitty stuff toy boxes you need to design the kitty boxes beautifully externally. For instance, choose a cardstock material and add a solid pink color on the entire pillow boxes packaging then follow it with the black imprints of the kitty caricature and grey color heart shape imprints. Both imprints will look interesting. In the middle of the box, you can add a big bow to enhance the box outlook. At the boundary of the bow add a silver foiling outline to create the difference. However, this step will enhance the outlook of your boxes.

Moreover, the addition of a big PVC window pane on the box will make the kids look like the inside placed kitty toy. And they will love to buy the product as there will be no curiosity that what is placed inside the box. Thus, adopt this step and make your brand gain maximum popularity. You don’t have to step back if your packaging is not up to mark. For this purpose, you can simply hire a good packaging firm as well. In order to track down the firm look into the reviews and make your own list of companies and then choose the one after having the quotations.

Candle Pillow Boxes

The candle pillow boxes are the lavishing ones that you can introduce within the market. People love to buy candles in pillow box shape boxes. The candles can be in any form whether thin or thick you can choose the packaging shape and dimensions according to the candle size.

You can design the candle packaging on an antique theme. Go for designing the corrugated material box and add the floral pattern on the box in the gold foiling texture. The gold color always provides the royal and luxurious pattern which your customers will love to grab. Make the brown solid color on the entire pillow box.

Moreover, turn the pillow both flaps a golden color. You can also add the window feature within the box so, onlookers can see your candles placed within the boxes without opening the custom pillow packaging.

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