What are Some Of The Best Car Insurance

The Consumers’ Association constantly assesses car insurers on premiums, coverage and conditions. The Car Insurance Comparer of the Consumers’ Association is distinctive. For example, you can choose the order you want to compare the policies. Are you going for the cheapest? Or do you opt for the best conditions?

Car insurance comparator of the Consumer Association

The Consumer Association’s Car Insurance Comparer differs from other comparison sites on a few points.

  • We include desired additional cover in the comparison. Such as legal assistance and passenger damage insurance.
  • Additional costs are included in the premiums. Such as costs for the method of payment. 
  • You choose the order in which you want to compare the policies. Do you choose the cheapest or the car insurance with the best conditions? 
  • You can sometimes take out the insurance immediately, but only sometimes. Sometimes we receive compensation from the insurer. But this does not affect the result and the order.
  • The Car Insurance Comparer is open to all parties who want to participate. Whether or not we work with them. We do need product and premium information for this. 

The best car insurance for you

Compare premiums and conditions of car insurance quickly and easily. Discover immediately which policy and which cover suits you and your car best.

How do we compare car insurance?

To compare car insurance properly, you must enter a few personal details. This is how we determine which car insurance policies you qualify for. We request this information because car insurers include it in their premiums. For example, they ask for your zip code, date of birth and sometimes also for your house number. It is up to them to decide what information car insurers require.

Compare on 2 parts

We show all car insurance policies in a list. You can select the comparison order based on 2 elements: the insurance’s price (monthly premium) and the test rating. We can only give a test opinion to insurers who pass on their conditions to MoneyView.  

Compare prices

Look at the price first. Then you are already well on your way to the best car insurance in California. Also note:

  • New-for-old value scheme for total loss: the payment amount in new-for-old value, purchase value or current/replacement value.
  • The depreciation method was used.
  • Damage repair. Such as network damage repairers and payments in the event of damage.
  • Own risk or not.
  • Breakdown coverage.
  • Replacement vehicle.

Assessment Conditions (Test Judgment)

A Test judgment is based on our research into policy conditions. Our research mainly consists of the following: 

  1. Determining which coverage elements to examine.
  2. Determine how heavily these components weigh in the test judgment (the weighting).
  3. Starting point: the scores from the MoneyView ProductRating. 

The MoneyView ProductRating (MPR) is a points system. Many coverage components are given a score of 1 to 5. A score of 3 means that a product characteristic is ‘in line with the market.’ Better product features are given a score of 4 or 5. A score of 1 or 2 means less than average. 

Product properties that are related to each other form clusters or groups. We weigh each cluster and add up the points. You can see this in the diagram below. This creates a point total for each product. The sum of the number of points is converted into a grade on a scale of 1 to 10. 

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